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Tier 2 - The Book of Genesis, Part One (TNK 101 T-2)

Time limit: 365 days
3 credits

$125 Enroll

Full course description

  • Course Name and Course Code: The Book of Genesis, Part One (TNK 101)
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Educational Level: Open to all levels (Undergraduate and Graduate)
  • Required Course for an ACB-MJS Degree: Yes
  • Instructor:  Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Th.M.. Ph.D.
  • Credits: 3 Credits
  • Tier: This is a Tier 2 course.
  • Required Textbooks: 
    • Ariel’s Bible Commentary: The Book of Genesis by Arnold Fruchtenbaum  [The biblical text of Genesis is incorporated into the Ariel Commentary but students are also encouraged to read the texts from their own Bible as well, the lectures are based on the ASV and the memory verses are based on the NASB95]
    • Please get the most updated edition of any required book. For additional resources for this course and how to order books, please consult the course syllabus.  After you purchase the course you will have access to the course syllabus.
  • Course Format: 100% Online. This is a full-credit course.  Students are required to do all reading, assignments, and exams.
  • Curriculum: 22 Modules, 12 hours of video presentations, open-book exams, required readings, free pdf articles/resources, written assignments and Bible memory verses.
  • Expiration/Course Completion Deadline:  This is a self-paced course so students can study at their own pace, as long as the course is completed within one year (365 days) from date of purchase. 


Descriptive Summary: 

  • This course is a verse-by-verse study of Genesis Chapter 1 through Chapter 17.  It is the first of two online courses on Genesis, the other course in the Genesis sequence is: The Book of Genesis: Part Two – Chapters 18-50 (TNK 102).  The readings, lectures, curriculum, and assignments are all designed to maximize student understanding and application of this foundational book of the Bible.  
  • The Book of Genesis is taught from a Messianic Jewish perspective, so students will gain fresh insights as Hebraic cultural, historical, rabbinic, and linguistic insights are incorporated into the lectures and curriculum.  Correct and consistent principles of hermeneutics are applied, so sound biblical exposition of Genesis is the result. Students will grow intellectually and spiritually as they delve into “Sepher Maaseh Bereishit” (i.e.”The Book of the Act of In the Beginning”), with Dr. Fruchtenbaum as their guide.


Introduction to the Book of Genesis and Genesis Chapters 1:1 to 2:3

  • Module #1 – Introduction to the Book of Genesis
  • Module #2 – Views of Genesis 1:1-3 and the Creation of the Cosmos
  • Module #3 – The Chaos (1:2)
  • Module #4 – The Six Days of Creation 1:3-2:3
  • Module1-4 Exam

Genesis Chapters 2:4-3:24

  • Module #5 – The Toldot of the Heavens and the Earth: Man in the Garden of Eden (2:4-25)
  • Module #6 – The Toldot of the Heavens and Earth: the Temptation, the Fall, Spiritual Death, and the Divine Confrontation
  • Module #7 – The Adamic Covenant (3:14-19)
  • Module #8 – Results of the Fall (3:20-24)
  • Module 5-8 Exam

Genesis Chapters 4-8

  • Module #9 – Cain and Abel: The Murder of Abel (4:1-15)
  • Module #10 – Line of Cain (4:16-24) and Line of Seth (4:25-26)
  • Module #11 – The Toldot of Adam 5:1-6:8, Genealogy of the Seed Line
  • Module #12 – The Sons of God and the Daughters of Men – 6:1-8
  • Module #13 – The Toldot of Noah 6:9-9:29, The Situation Before the Flood (6:9-12) to The Flood (7:17-24)
  • Module #14 – Flood Waters Recede (8:1-4), Disembarkation (8:15-19), The Offering and the Promise (8:20-22)
  • Module 9-14 Exam

Genesis Chapters 9-14

  • Module#15 – The Noahic Covenant to the Death of Noah
  • Module #16 – Toldot of the Sons of Noah (10:1-11:9), The Tablet of Nations (10:1-11:9)
  • Module #17 – The Tower of Babel (11:1-9)
  • Module #18 – The Toldot of Shem (11:10-26) and the Toldot of Terah from the Story of Terah to the Abrahamic Covenant (12:1-3)
  • Module #19 – From the Journey in the Land (12:4-9) to the War of the Kings (14:1-24)
  • Module 15-is 19 Exam

Genesis Chapters 15-17

  • Module #20 – The Sealing of the Abrahamic Covenant (15:1-21)
  • Module #21 – The Birth of Ishmael (16:1-16)
  • Module #22 – The Token of the Abrahamic Covenant (17:1-27)
  • Module 20-22 Exam