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Tier 1. - Intro. to Theology, Bibliology, and Dispensationalism

Aug 26, 2024 - Jan 1, 2025
3 credits

$375 Enroll

Full course description

  • Course Name: Introduction to Systematic Theology, Bibliology, and Dispensationalism
  • Course Code: MJT 101 T-1
  • Prerequisites: None 
  • Professor(s) in Lectures: Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Th.M.. Ph.D. (18 lectures) and Mark Adler, Ph.D. (4 lectures)
  • Credits: 3 (Enriched Educational Program)
  • Length: 16 modules of curriculum; 22 video lecture presentations (10 hours)
  • Course Format: 100% Online. 
  • Expiration/Course Completion Deadline:  Students will have access to the video course lecture presentations for 365 days from the date of purchase. However, Tier 1 students are required to complete this course in one semester (16 weeks).


Brief Overview

  • This first part of the course provides a robust introduction (prolegomena) to Systematic Theology. In addition to learning theological terms, plans, and proceedures, students will also learn about related areas of theology such as Biblical, Historical, and Dogmatic Theology.  
  • The second part of the course covers Bibliology, the Doctrine of the Bible. Students will learn about the revelation, inspiration, authority, canonicity, and transmission of Scripture.
  • In the third part of the course, students will learn about Dispensationalism including the meaning of the term, its use in Scripture, the origins, hermeneutics, and characteristics of each dispensation.
  • Students will study about the Word of God from the Word of God. A daily verse-by-verse study of Psalm 119 has been embedded into this course.


  • Fruchtenbaum, Arnold. The Word of God, Vol. 1, Come and See. 3rd ed. San Antonio, TX: Ariel Ministries, 2019.  
  • Enns, Paul. The Moody Handbook of Theology. Revised and Expanded. Chicago: Moody, 2014.  
  • Geisler, Norman and William Nix.  From God to Us: How We Got Out Bible.  Chicago: Moody, 2012.Links to an external site.
  • Ryrie, Charles. Dispensationalism. Chicago: Moody, 2007. 
  • Students will also be engaged in a verse-by-verse devotional study of Psalm 119 and will select from one of four book options for this (see the course syllabus for more information).

Module 1 –  Orientation to Theology and Systematic Theology: Concepts and Definitions 

Module 2 – The Possibility of Systematic Theology and The Need for Systematic Theology

Module 3 – The Procedure of Systematic Theology and The Plan of Systematic Theology

Module 4 –The Approach to Theology in Rabbinic Judaism

Module 5 – Terminology to Supernatural Orgin of the Bible

  • Video Presentation 5.a.– Terminology and Attitudes Towards the Bible 
  • Video Presentation 5.b. – The Wonders of the Bible and the Supernatural Origin of the Bible  

Module 6 – General, Special, and Progressive Revelation  

  • Video Presentation 6.a. – Definitions and General Revelation 
  • Video Presentation 6.b. – Special Revelation and Progressive Revelation 

Module 7 – Theories of Inspiration and the True Position

  • Video Presentation 7.a. – Definitions and Theories of Inspiration 
  • Video Presentation 7.b. – The True Position: Plenary Verbal Inspiration  

Module 8 – Objections to Verbal Inspiration and the Relationship Between Revelation and Inspiration 

Module 9 – Canonicity and the Disputed Books

  • Video Presentation 9.a. – Definitions, Basic Foundations, and Tests of Canonicity 
  • Video Presentation 9.b – The Hebrew Bible (O.T.), The New Testament, and the Disputed Books  

Module 10 – Illumination to Interpretation

  • Video Presentation 10.a. – Illumination 
  • Video Presentation 10.b – Animation, Preservation, and Interpretation 

Module 11 – Dispensations and Dispensationalism: Definitions and the Mark of a Dispensationalist 

Module 12 – The Dispensations 

Module 13 – Covenant Theology

  • Video Presentation 13.a. – Summary of Covenant Theology: Definitions, Problems of Covenant Theology 
  • Video Presentation 13.b – The Results of Covenant Theology in Specific Theological Areas 

Module 14 – The Covenants of the Bible

  • Video Presentation 14.a. – The Covenants of the Bible: Introduction, the Edenic, Adamic, and Noahic Covenants 
  • Video Presentation 14.b – The Abrahamic, Mosaic, Land, Davidic, and New Covenants  

Module 15 – Biblical Evidences: Introduction to the Internal and External Evidences 

Segment 16 – Biblical Criticism: Textual Criticism and Higher Criticism