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Tier 3 - The Life of Yeshua, Part Four (BHD 104 T-3)

Time limit: 365 days

$75 Enroll

Full course description

  • Course Name and Course Code: The Life of Yeshua, Part Four (BHD 104 T-3)
  • Prerequisites: None, for Audit Only, Non-Credit courses
  • Educational Level: Open to all levels (Undergraduate and Graduate)
  • Required Course for an ACB-MJS Degree: Yes
  • Instructor:  Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Th.M.. Ph.D.
  • Credits: 0 Credits


  • Fruchtenbaum, Arnold. Ariel’s Harmony of the Gospels. San Antonio, TX: Ariel Ministries, 2016.
  • Fruchtenbaum, Arnold. Yeshua: The Life of Messiah from a Messianic Jewish Perspective, Volume 4.San Antonio, TX: Ariel Ministries, 2018.
  • Schnabel, Eckhard J. Jesus in Jerusalem: The Last Days. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2018.
  • Varner, William. Passionate about the Passion Week: A Fresh Look at Jesus’ Last Days. Dallas, TX: Fontes Press, 2020.
  • Baker, Todd D. Matthew 27:25: “His Blood Be On Us.” Are the Jewish People Racially Condemned for The Death of Christ? Bloomington, IN: iUniverse, Inc., 2008.
  • There will be other resources provided for students at no charge who sign up for this course (e.g. journal articles and online resources).
  • Information on ordering books is provided after you purchase the course in Module #1.

Curriculum: 12 Modules, 7 hours of video presentations (with onscreen photos/maps/images), open-book exams, required readings, free pdf articles/resources, written assignments (not collected/graded in self-paced courses), and Bible memory verses. Completion of readings, exams, assignments is recommended but NOT required for Tier 3 students.  We do not keep academic records for Non-Credit, Tier 3 students.

Expiration/Course Completion Deadline:  Student have access to the course for one year, the course expires 365 days from date of original purchase. 


Summary Description:  This course covers Yeshua' arrest, trials, crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension. One-third of content of the Gospels focus on Yeshua’s final week! This is the final course of the four part series on the Life of Yeshua.  HE IS RISEN !



Module #1

§165: The Arrest; §166: The Trial before Annas


Module #2 –

§167: The Trial Before Caiaphas and the Sanhedrin

Module 1-2 Exam


Module #3 –

§168: The Denial by Peter; §169-170: The Beating; The First Mockery; The Condemnation by the Sanhedrin; §171: The Death of Judas


Module  #4 –

§172: The First Trial before Pilate; §173: The Trial before Herod Antipas; The Second Mockery


Module #5 –

§174: The Second Trial before Pilate; The Third Mockery; §175: The Fourth Mockery

Module 3-5 Exam


Module #6 –

§176: The Procession to Calvary; §177: The First Three Hours: The Wrath of Men


Module #7 –

§178: The Second Three Hours; §179: The Accompanying Signs


Module #8 –

§180: The Burial of the Messiah; §181: The Sealing of the Tomb; Additional Comments

Module 6-8 Exam


Module #9 –

§182: The Dawning of Resurrection Day Four; §183-§185: The Opening of the Tomb; The Visit of the Women, The Report to the Apostles; §186-§187: The First Appearance to Miriam Magdalit; The Second Appearance to the Women; §188: The Report of the Guard


Module #10 –

§189-§195: The Third to Ninth Appearances

Module 9-10 Exam


Module #11 –

§196: The Tenth Appearance: To the Eleven


Module #12 –

§197: The Ascension of the King; §198-§201: The Sequels

Module 11-12 Exam